The Tomb Raider Suite - WTF?!

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#1 The Tomb Raider Suite - WTF?!

Interessenat was Mel da an "besonderen" Erfahrungen mit Nathan gemacht hat:

I personally have had a little experience on the matter, so I do want to post to offer my support. I met Nathan back in 2016, I believe at a PAX event from TR fan activities going on. As a huge fan of the classic games, of course I was starstruck by him, I was so excited I actually got to talk to him along with others at a community dinner. Anyway, he friended me on Facebook and followed me on twitter, of course I followed back, he was a legend in my eyes. After he launched his Kickstarter, I got a DM from him that started off saying, "You're on my list of people who have a lot of clout in the social media space." Followed by him asking me to share the Kickstarter campaign as well as do a dedicated livestream interview (I livestream games full time as a huge part of my job, for clarity). I have to admit, it did feel off-putting that the message seemed so business-like and not casual at all, just blatantly asking for free promotion and not even recognizing me in a friendly manner, just pure straight business that made me feel like all he cared about from me was my following. Of course I'm a TR fan, and despite feeling a bit uncomfortable about his approach, I retweeted some of the TRS tweets and pledged for a low-tier only getting the digital version.

Anyway, I didn't address the dedicated livestream + interview promotion idea because quite frankly, that would take hours of prep and planning on my part, and I have/ had an extremely busy schedule with my own planned streams as well as actual sponsors who were paying for my, fully disclosed of course, promotional streams. I simply did not have time or the emotional energy to spend hours prepping for a project that seemingly was his own thing and not even attached to TR, and even if it was officially done by TR I thought it was cool but I was not enthusiastic enough about it to want to go out of my way to discuss it and stream about it completely unprompted like I would a new game or something. It just seemed kinda neat and that's it for me. I wasn't too bothered about a remastered soundtrack when I still could listen to the original one just fine.

But the messages kept coming. DM after DM after DM, I kept telling him sorry I was busy and that I would mention his kickstarter on my stream casually as a friendly gesture, as well as do more retweets, but that wasn't enough for him. He kept bombarding me asking for a dedicated livestream to promote his kickstarter, hours of my time he wanted me to do for free, just for his own self gain. It wasn't a simple ask, it would have required a lot of prep. It's like asking an artist to create free art for you to use for promotion then bombarding them over and over asking more and more without having their time compensated when they already have clients and their own busy schedules. I was SO relieved when the kickstarter was over because I didn't have to deal with that any more. When I didn't answer him, he would bombard other members of the community and even Meagan Marie to tweet or text me on his behalf asking me to reply to him (I don't fault Meagan or anyone from the community who did that btw, must have been awkward I'm sure and they were just trying to help and didn't realize how big his asks were of me).

So yeah.... I do like to hear two sides of a story before coming to a conclusion, but after reading this I have to admit that I feel like my intuition was validated and I believe the OP in what they are saying. I feel awful for even saying all that because Nathan is like a superhero who created, for me, the most iconic soundtrack I had ever heard. But my experiences were not good with him, and it sounds like others had it a hell of a lot worse. I can't support someone who would treat others like that, no matter who they are.

Auslöser ist übrigens das hier gewesen:

I’ll put this email address @ the top for easy reference:
You can also tweet me @tracie_swift

*This is an incredibly long post, sorry – if you’ve had a positive experience with the Tomb Raider Suite, I’m really pleased for you and I hope it met all your expectations, a lot of love and hard work occurred to make it happen, however if you have been blocked/ignored/left with no voice to resolve your investment/purchase – carry on reading*

A Snippet of History:

Hey everyone. Although I have been a Tomb Raider fan since 1996, I have never posted on here before. It will more than likely be my first and only post and it’s with a heavy heart I do so. I have also posted on the TRS Kickstarter page as a comment. Please do take the time to read that too

Quite a lot of it is replicated in this post.

I was the ‘production manager’ or whatever title you want to give it, for the TRS. I crafted the content and pace of the campaign when it started to stall after the first week, after reaching out to Nathan to offer my help.

We all know this started with the concert back in 2016 and the 20th anniversary. I think everyone there that night experienced something magical.

When the Kickstarter was announced, those that could at the time, ploughed in everything we could afford. I know first-hand that people who couldn’t afford to pledge a lot, dug really, really deep into their pockets to give it their all. I think whatever side of the political fence you sit on, the one thing that binds this community is the love of Tomb Raider and Lara Croft – that’s undeniable. So, let’s try and park that one right there x

After re-booting the Kickstarter campaign and monitoring google analytics pretty much constantly as the campaign announcements were made - we made it to the halfway point and that triggered the next wave of pledges as the campaign continued at pace and began its countdown.

I won’t speak to how much I personally contributed, but it was a lot – and I threw in additional funds to trigger that halfway marker. I’m telling you this, because it’s important to understand the level of personal time/investment I put into the project. It’s not funny. It will also help explain why I know I am 100% correct in speaking out.

In the end, 2615 Tomb Raider fans pledged a massive amount of £194,120. (Including 2 incredibly generous sponsors, who threw in £7.5k each) One of the largest amounts ever pledged for this kind of project. It was staggering and incredibly humbling.

Post funding, I agreed to manage the TRS as a professional project in my spare time. The 2 days of the recording, the Abbey Road live streams and a myriad of organisational tasks, through to booking and arranging Hatfield House and booking the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. It’s fair to say the project ran through my DNA for over a year. I believed in it, but I no longer do. It’s all incredibly sad.

Where We Are Today:

TWO YEARS LATER - I WOULD LIKE TO APOLOGISE TO EACH AND EVERY PERSON THAT BACKED THE KICKSTARTER. I am going to try and help people. It is time to put right as many wrongs as I can.

As I’ve read the Kickstarter updates, my eyes have just got wider and wider – the same for the comments Nathan has been making. I feel embarrassed/mortified for some of the updates and comments that I’ve read.

We need to be REALLY clear on the purpose of how all this all came about. Nathan acquired permission under contract from Square Enix licencing (actually, I’ll be really clear on that too. David Burns his long-suffering business partner, negotiated the contract) as a commercial arrangement. ie: money could be made from the TRS.

Which is fine. I guess if you feel that you deserve to earn money from a multimillion-pound franchise that you helped define, you’re going to try your best to leverage that for financial gain, when you’ve never been allowed to do so before.

But as far as I’m concerned now……. here’s ‘THE THING’

Any trace of thanks and humility for having the huge privilege of having an album recorded at ABBEY ROAD has eroded over time. As for ‘babies’ and ‘broken arms’, well where the hell do you go with that? Beyond ridiculous and shameful. It is now just a commercial project which he is desperate to make money from. That is the absolute fact of the where we are.

His last update was, quite frankly – just awful. I know some of you are sympathetic and faithful towards him but – in my opinion – and given what I know - he really doesn’t deserve it. But I ‘get it’, you see a ‘persona’ and the creator of the music you hold dear. I do get it.

When it comes to ‘behaviours and attitudes’, you can’t abuse the fanbase, either directly, or for financial gain and I really don’t think that anyone can deny anymore that this was all about a last-ditch attempt at re-launching his career, off the back of fan nostalgia.

The Tomb Raider Suite has no money left, it really is as simple as that. And it hasn’t had any funds for a very, very long time. The music has been ready since Geoff Pesche finished the mastering last Feb. That’s 16 months ago.

The Facts:

(I’ve lifted the following from my Kickstarter comment, people need to be fully informed to make sensible choices)

For those of you who backed the £450 pledge level OR have bought tickets via the website, for the event in San Francisco. I spoke to the facilities co-ordinator at The Legion of Honor last week, and she hasn’t heard anything since April.

The full cost of the event is $9000. A deposit of $4,482.00 has been paid, but this will be lost on June 30th at the end of their financial year – they cannot carry it over (so in two weeks’ time) They are then fully booked through to the end of September. Whitney – my contact - did ask for them to provide a date to work towards, but as I said, there’s been no contact since April. Once the deposit expires, it’s gone.

Unless a future date is agreed and a further deposit is paid, this event will not be held anytime soon, if at all - and it will be at a massive loss to the ‘project’. On top of the venue fee, there’s also the octet, free drinks and food and a Lara model will need to be paid for, including of course flights/accommodation for Nathan. (There is no production team by the way)

I just can’t see David (Nathan’s business partner) paying for all of it, when he’s already up to his eyeballs bailing Nathan out of this mess and trying to make this documentary, that he can try and sell to claw back some of his losses.

The priority needs to be fulfilling the physical products of the Kickstarter campaign in totality. I would like to see a full audit of the website orders placed v. fulfilled – but that’s unlikely to happen. I would also like to see the ability to be able to buy tickets for the San Francisco event taken offline, until this is all sorted.

Let’s see what happens. I understand that the vinyl’s and the tinned CD's have actually been ordered. Hopefully there is some truth to this, this time.

Next Steps:

I’m going to bullet point what I have to say next for easy navigation, should you use the support email. I am going to carry out an independent audit of the situation.

1. I need to contact a lady called SEYONEL on this forum. She bought a ticket to the San Fran CBR. You need your money returned to you. I remember you emailing in and explaining that the ticket purchase would be a massive outlay for you. I am angry you were put in this position. Your post on here made me cry – it is totally unacceptable.

2. I have set up an email address: I want to hear from you if:

a) You received a broken CD and were expected to pay to return it

b) If you ever cancelled your pledge and weren’t refunded

c) If you never received your pledge (vinyl’s and tinned CD’s excluded, we’ll deal with that debacle once the money to post it all has been found – I was asked to pay the £4.5k for the first round of merch, I politely declined)

d) If you have ever cancelled your WEBSITE order and have never been refunded

e) If you are still to receive your WEBSITE order – if I receive a large reply, given the website has been live for over 16 months, I would strongly recommend people STOP placing orders – but I will keep you up to date.

f) Anyone that has an online account @ can you check that you can still log into your account please and let me know if not – I’ve received worrying messages from people that they can no longer access their accounts, if they have cancelled their order. I need to understand the scale of this.

3. I would strongly recommend that people stop placing orders on the website until all of this is resolved. There is no fulfilment process behind the website and the funds are not being used for their intended purpose.

If you can furnish the email with as much information as possible, I will start a log to send to SE Legal if needs be, as the picture becomes clear. Please never forget all of this only allowed under licence.

It is horrifying to think that Nathan genuinely considers all of this to be a legitimate ‘Business’ with the way things stand at the moment and so many unhappy and angry fans’. He is indebted to everyone who backed the Kickstarter and to everyone who’s placed an order on that website. It is not a’ business’, it is a large debt that needs to be settled and very soon.

And finally …….Behaviours that have brought all of this down:

In the words of a well-connected friend who regularly supports successful video game Kickstarter’s.

“They [the campaigns] have been about making the music shine and that was it”

In retrospect, very wise words from a very wise person.

I walked from the project just before Hatfield House, as Nathan threatened to ‘stomp on my neck’.

He did this because Meagan Marie had asked if she could do a photo shoot up at the main house. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I made the necessary enquiries. The groundsman agreed to provide a key to give access via the garden in the Old Palace and I arranged a make-up artist and a photographer. He went absolutely nuts and said she should ‘f*ck off and do it somewhere else’

Now again – regardless of where you stand on Tomb Raider politics, Meagan has done several things to help Nathan. From having him on stage at conventions, to help promoting the Kickstarter in the first place to then having the Suite played on stage at Pax East in 2018.

For me that was the beginning of the end………...No person on this planet has the right to threaten anyone, never mind someone who drove the success of the project. Dave had to intervene and blocked Nathan and told him Meg absolutely had to be allowed to do it…. But it had ruined the whole thing.

As well as this, there was a conversation around one particular fan who has a condition that means she is wheelchair bound. Her and her Father were already in London for a Shadow event and I really wanted her to experience Hatfield House.

I asked if she could pop along with her Dad and was told an outright no. As far as Nathan was concerned, if she wanted to go, I would have to buy a ticket for both her and her Father (regardless of the fact that neither of them would eat or drink much) I won’t offend your eyes with exactly what he said, but it was horrible. Once more, Dave had to intervene, and a compromise was met that I would pay for one ticket and her Father would go for free. In the end they couldn’t make it anyway – but this is an insight into how Nathan thinks about all of this. It’s important you know.

The final straw for me came after Hatfield. I was talking through ideas with two fans’ around the photos from Hatfield. I wanted to create a blog, where people could upload their photo’s/videos. It would have been fantastic, everyone looked utterly AMAZING.

If you’ve ever wondered why you’ve never seen any photos from the evening……….that’s why. He wanted to monetarize them. So the blog and the photo sharing never happened. And I’m sorry but after 10 WhatsApp calls around 10pm at night and demanding I pick up the phone and ‘show him some respect’. I was totally done with it all and I walked.

Skip forward to the airing of Lara’s leitmotif on Classic FM (courtesy of a very nice chap called Mark Robins who Nathan has never thanked) and Nathan contacted me via Twitter. Asking if he could use me as a ‘career advisor’ and to help him out of the hole basically. But I knew that it was all over for me. When I asked about copies of the album being sent to people who helped make the album happen, I received what can only be described as the most and foul arrogant text messages imaginable.

I feel incredibly guilty for enabling him and knowing that so many of you are upset. The problem is that Nathan saw the TRS as his ticket to money. But it was never going to work that way. There’s only so many people care about the music from 23 years ago – and those of us that do, have already bought it.

When we come full circle back to the start – I question how many of us fans’ who were seated in those front rows at the Apollo in December 2016, still speak with Nathan. I really can’t think of very many at all. Since 2016 Nathan has insulted his way through some of the most loyal fanbase. I find it very bizarre behaviour.

Nathan when you read this – I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry your career is where it is – but I genuinely now believe that it is no one else’s fault but your own. The way you treat people, the way you speak to people. No one will ever tolerate it and you must live with the consequences of that, but I fear your arrogance and narcissism will prevail.

Edit: Puh, heftig, wenn das alles so stimmt. Und da sich Mel spontan auch zu Wort gemeldet hat, wird höchstwahrscheinlich etwas dran sein. Der Typ, übrigens Nathan McCree, der Komponist der ersten drei Tomb Raider-Spiele und der Remastered Soundtracks dieses Projekts (falls hier jemand nicht weiß worum es bei TR Suite geht), ist unterste Schublade.

Eine Moderatorin hat den Thread auch schon dicht gemacht ... wundert mich jetzt nicht dort.

"Männer sind vom Mars, wen juckt's woher die Frauen kommen!"


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#2 RE: The Tomb Raider Suite - WTF?!

Hab das ganze gestern auch gelesen. Das ist echt heftig! Vor allem bin ich einer der Kickstarter Backer und warte immer noch auf meine CD in der Blechdose. Wobei ich dem ganzen Projekt von Anfang an sehr genau gefolgt bin und schon hier und da ein paar Mal mitbekommen habe, dass Nathan McCree sich etwas sehr seltsam benommen hat. Der hat z.B. Leute auf Twitter geblockt, wenn sie nachgehakt haben, wieso das alles so lange dauert. Zu Anfang hatte ich ihn sogar noch verteidigt, da einige Fans vorher schon sehr aufgebracht waren und über ihn sowas geschrieben haben, wie dass das ganze sehr unprofessionell gehandhabt wird. Das war noch bevor Nathan Leute beleidigt und geblockt hat. Nachdem er damit angefangen hat, habe ich aber auch nix mehr dazu beigetragen.

Dass er versucht hat, Melonie Mac auszunutzen, finde ich auch glaubhaft. Immerhin ist sie so ziemlich der berühmteste TR-Fan von allen, da sie auch Influenzer ist und eine sehr große Reichweite hat. Da ist es nicht unglaubwürdig, dass jemand wie Nathan McCree sie für kostenlose Werbung für sein Projekt nutzen will.

Auf Twitter hat die Posterin des Eröffnungsposts geschrieben, dass sie Justin (den TRF-Admin) kontaktieren will wegen dem geschlossenen Thread. In dem Fall finde ich die Schließung mehr als lächerlich. Typisch TRF-Moderatoren, die immer so neutral wie möglich sein wollen.

They wrote a script for Lord of the Rings and ended up having to perform it with finger puppets. A game that fails due to overambition is still better than a game that fails because it's beep-boop committee-designed sludge coughed out by a corporation staffed by robots. At least ambition implies that you have some kind of soul, rather than a CPU with fistfuls of money stuffed into it.
- Yahtzee


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#3 RE: The Tomb Raider Suite - WTF?!

Nathan hat geantwortet:

Ich finds ja nicht gut, dass er viele dieser Details in seinen Updates ausgelassen hat. Aber immerhin hat er wohl recht damit, dass Tracie nichts über die aktuelle finanzielle Lage des Projektes wissen kann, da sie schon über ein Jahr lang nicht mehr dabei ist.

They wrote a script for Lord of the Rings and ended up having to perform it with finger puppets. A game that fails due to overambition is still better than a game that fails because it's beep-boop committee-designed sludge coughed out by a corporation staffed by robots. At least ambition implies that you have some kind of soul, rather than a CPU with fistfuls of money stuffed into it.
- Yahtzee


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