rr_dash's Tomb1Main Patch - Viele Verbesserungen für die PC-Version von TR I

04.11.2021 08:44
#1 rr_dash's Tomb1Main Patch - Viele Verbesserungen für die PC-Version von TR I

Dieses Projekt ist Arsunt's TR II Main Patch sehr ähnlich. Das Ziel ist es, TR I auf modernen PCs lauffähig zu machen, viele Dinge zu restaurieren, welche in der PS1-Version vorhanden sind, aber nicht in der PC-Version (wie z.B. der Reflektionseffekt, wenn Lara vergoldet wird) und zusätzliche Extras einzubauen.


  • added proper UI scaling
  • added enemy health bar
  • added more control over when to show health bar and air bar
  • added ability to customize of health bar and air bar
  • added ability to set user-defined FOV
  • added selecting weapons / using items with numeric keys
  • added ability to look around while running
  • added TR3-like sidesteps
  • added shotgun flash sprites
  • added a fly cheat
  • added a level skip cheat
  • added a door open cheat (while in fly mode)
  • added ability to disable all medpacks
  • added ability to disable Magnums
  • added ability to disable UZIs
  • added ability to disable shotgun
  • added ability to disable main menu demos
  • added ability to disable FMVs
  • added ability to disable cutscenes
  • added ability to disable healing between levels
  • added braid (currently only works in Lost Valley)
  • added support for more than 3 pickup sprites
  • added a choice whether to play NG or NG+
  • added Japanese mode (guns deal twice the damage); available for both NG and NG+
  • added external game flow (no longer 2 different .exes for TR1 and TR1IB) For TRLE builders:
  • the levels can be reordered
  • the levels can be renamed
  • all the strings can be translated, including keys and items
  • you no longer are constrained to 4 or 21 levels only
  • you can offer a custom Gym level
  • added automatic calculation of secret numbers
  • fixed skipping FMVs triggering inventory
  • fixed skipping credits working too fast
  • fixed setting user keys being very difficult
  • fixed keys and items not working when drawing guns immediately after using them
  • fixed freeze when holding action key during end of level
  • fixed reading user settings not restoring the volume
  • fixed Tomb of Tihocan playing secret sound
  • fixed The Great Pyramid secret
  • fixed running out of ammo forcing Lara to equip pistols even if she doesn't carry them
  • fixed a crash when Lara is on fire and goes too far away from where she caught fire
  • fixed settings not being saved when exiting the game with Alt+F4
  • fixed settings not persisting chosen layout (default vs. user keys)
  • fixed the sound of collecting a secret killing music

Im Verlorenen Tal ist es sogar möglich, Lara einen funktionierenden Zopf zu verpassen.

They wrote a script for Lord of the Rings and ended up having to perform it with finger puppets. A game that fails due to overambition is still better than a game that fails because it's beep-boop committee-designed sludge coughed out by a corporation staffed by robots. At least ambition implies that you have some kind of soul, rather than a CPU with fistfuls of money stuffed into it.
- Yahtzee


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